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Zenith Watch Repairs and Servicing

Premier Watch Repair's specialise in Zenith watch repair and service. We service and repair vintage Zenith watches as well as modern Zenith watches across the range.

The procedure for a Zenith watch repair and service is to disassemble the movement completely. Every component is inspected and ultrasonically cleaned to remove all trace of dry oil and other deposits. After cleaning and drying, your Zenith is reassembled and lubricated with the correct grade oil specified by Zenith before testing and regulation.

Our skilled watchmakers have access to original Zenith parts including, clasps, crown, and sapphire crystals.

Your Zenith watch repair or service is completed on the premises using the latest pressure testing equipment ensuring your Zenith is resealed to Zenith Specification finally we use specialist timing software to time your Zenith in 6 positions .

All service work to your Zenith is supported by our 12 month guarantee.

A selection of some recent models we have worked on:-

  • Zenith Elite 59.0020.226
  • Zenith El Premiro Rainbow Flyback -02.0480.405,01-02-480-405
  • Zenith El Premiro Port Royal
  • Zenith El Premiro manual wind 01.0010.420.
  • Zenith El Premiro 15/01-0470-400 , 90/01 -0010.420 ,90/01/0420 400 ,15/01-0470-400
  • Zenith 02.0690.465


About Zenith

Zenith SA is a Swiss watch manufacture started in 1865 by Georges Favre-Jacot at the age of 22, in Le Locle in the canton of Neuchâtel.

Zenith has a long reputation for the quality and precision of their watches, with 1,565 1st-place precision awards to date. Zenith, is one of the few Swiss watch brands that make their own mechanical movements - the Elite (standard movement) and the El Primero (chronograph). The El Primero movement has a frequency of 36,000 alternations per hour. This high rate ensures that the chronograph with be accurate to 1/10th of a second.


Presently, Zenith markets five watch lines, including the Chronomaster, Class, Port-Royal, Vintage, Defy and Star.

Premier Watch repairs are a authorised Zenith service center . working with watches such as the El premiro chronomaster , Class , Vintage , Star and Port Royal.

If you wish to have your Zenith serviced with PWR please ORDER SERVICE PACK Or BOOK AN APPOINTMENT