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Rotary Watch Repairs and Servicing

Premier Watch Repair's specialise in Oris watch repair and service and service and repair Oris watches across the range.

The procedure for a Oris watch repair and service is to disassemble the movement completely. Every component is inspected and ultrasonically cleaned to remove all trace of dry oil and other deposits. After cleaning and drying, your Oris is reassembled and lubricated with the correct grade oil specified by Oris before testing and regulation.

Our skilled watchmakers have access to original Oris parts including, clasps, crown, and sapphire crystals.

Your Oris watch repair or service is completed on the premises using the latest pressure testing equipment ensuring your Oris is resealed to Oris Specification finally we use specialist timing software to time your Oris in 6 positions.

All service work to your Oris is supported by our 12 month guarantee.


About Rotary

Rotary Watches Ltd was established at La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, by MoiseDreyfuss in 1895. By the 1920s family members Georges and Sylvain Dreyfuss began importing Rotary watches to Britain, which was to become the company's most successful market. Rotary is still an independent family company, and at present Robert Dreyfuss – the great grandchild of MoiseDreyfuss – is its chairman.

In 1940 Rotary became the official watch supplier for the British Army. Coinciding as this did with the Second World War and the drafting of huge numbers into the army, the move put a Rotary watch in almost every household in Britain, leaving a lasting impression of the brand in the UK. More recently, Rotary Watches was elected as one of the UK's "superbrands" in 2006 and has retained its place in successive years. The "winged wheel" Rotary logo was first introduced in 1925 and has since undergone only minor changes in appearance. In addition to its traditional brand, the company also produces watches under the more exclusive "Dreyfuss& Co" name.

Rotary is a member of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH. Although naturally proud of its Swiss heritage, Rotary Watches' head office is now in the UK, and it is predominantly a British company. As is the case with many watchmakers, Rotary offers a range of timepieces manufactured in Switzerland together with a range of less expensive pieces made elsewhere, usually with movements from Japan or China Which are then assembled in Japan or China before being reimported to Switzerland and Marked as Swiss.

Rotary watches typically use either a quartz or automatic movement. Unique to Rotary is the "Revelation" design of reversible watch, which features two distinct movements and faces, allowing the wearer to change style at will or easily switch between two different time zones.

Premier Watch Repairs use genuine parts , all service repairs are supported by our 12 month guarantee.

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