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Revue Thommen Watch Repairs and Servicing

Premier Watch Repair's are the appointed authorised UK service and repair centre for Revue Thommen. We service and repair Revue Thommen watches across the range.

When servicing your Revue Thommen we disassemble the movement completely. Every component is inspected and ultrasonically cleaned to remove all trace of dry oil and other deposits. After cleaning and drying, your Revue Thommen is reassembled and lubricated with the correct grade oil specified by Revue Thommen before testing and regulation.

Our skilled watchmakers have access to original Revue Thommen parts including, clasps, crown, and sapphire crystals.

Your Revue Thommen watch repair or service is completed on the premises using the latest pressure testing equipment ensuring your Revue Thommen is resealed to Revue Thommen Specification finally we use specialist timing software to time your Revue Thommen in 6 positions .

All service work to your Revue Thommen is supported by our 12 month guarantee.

A selection of some recent models we have worked on:-

  • Revue Thommen Skeleton 80 ref:- 12001.2132,12501.3512,12501.3132,12002.3112
  • Revue Thommen Skeleton Classic ref:- 12200.2112,1200.2132,12200.2134,12200.2538
  • Revue Thommen Classic Date Pointer ref:- 14200.2112,14200.2516,14200.2137,
  • Revue Thommen Tonneau ref:-12016.2141,12015.2532,12017.2532,12017.2537
  • Revue Thommen Classical 82 ref:-17082.3562,17085.3522,17085.3537
  • Revue Thommen Sport 30's/50's ref :-15000.3537,15001.2532,15001.2137
  • Revue Thommen Heritage ref:- 21010.2132,21010.2537,21010.2552
  • Revue Thommen XLARGE Date Pointer ref :- 10012.2532,10012.2537,10012.2132
  • Revue Thommen Wallstreet ref:-20002.2158,20002.2134,20501.2142,20501.2132
  • Revue Thommen Airspeed:-16003.2137,16005.2135,16003.2535,16005.2137
  • Revue Thommen Airspeed Classic ref:- 16001.9595, 16001.9597 ,16001.9197
  • Revue Thommen Airspeed Xlarge Classic ref:- 16050.2535, 16050.2137,16051.6137
  • Revue Thommen Xlarge Commander ref:-16055.6134,16055.6537,16055.6132
  • Revue Thommen Pioneer ref :- 16062.6552,16061.3537,16071.6134,16070.2839
  • Revue Thommen Instrument ref:- 16700.3537,16700.3533,16700.6537,16700.6537

About Revue Thommen

Our Home Town

The town of Waldenburg has for centuries held a strategic position on the route between Italy and northern Europe. Even in Roman times, the town controlled the passage over the Hauenstein range of mountains and as a result it became a crossroads for all travelers in the region.

The history of the town becomes more detailed from around the mid-1200s when the Counts of Froburg ruled the area and fortified the town.

However, in the early 1800s the community was not flourishing and due to the poor economic situation, many residents were joining the rush to migrate from Europe to America. In an effort to fight the unemployment and poverty, the borough decided to introduce the watch and clock making industry and founded the 'Société d'Horlogerie à Waldenburg'. It wasn't until 1859, when Gédéon Thommen took over the enterprise, that it began to do well. Under Thommen's leadership, the business grew and the local economy in the valley began to revive.

With the opening of the Waldenburgerbahn in 1880, access to and from the town became easier and lifeblood flowed back into the community.

The New Town

Today, whilst the town of Waldenburg has grown and has a population of 1,216 inhabitants, it is again feeling the effects of the poor economy that is gripping Europe and unemployment is rising. Local industry is mainly confined to agriculture – fruit growing, vine crops and alpine pastures, forestry and construction. In the latter part of the 1980s, the manufacturing tradition of Revue Thommen was almost lost and production was reduced.

It seems that history has travelled a full circle and new hands on the helm at Revue Thommen are committed to ensuring the company grows back bigger and better than ever before. Waldenburg will, once again, become a vibrant centre for the manufacture of Swiss Made watches, providing more jobs in the region, further developing expertise and reinforcing tradition.

The President's Watch

Revue Thommen introduced the 'Cricket' watch in 1947, so called because the alarm replicates the strident noise made by the insect of that name. This was achieved by using a system comprising an alarm mechanism, an acoustic membrane and a sound box.

Harry S Truman was the first American President to wear the Cricket alarm watch having been presented with it as a gift. Americans are fascinated by technology and the unique mechanics of the acoustic alarm proved how strongly they are attracted to novelty and efficiency. The Cricket became a mark of distinction for subsequent Presidents, which is why it is also known as "the President's Watch". The alarm is so loud that on a number of occasions when it has gone off, it has been mistaken for a bomb by secret service agents and military personnel.

Few watches can claim to have graced the wrist of so many of the world's most powerful leaders. Such is the case with the Cricket.

The Waldenburg Railway

feature trainFrom the mid-1850s Gédéon Thommen and Dr Martin Bider, both of whom were very involved in the creation of the watch industry in Waldenburg, had pressed for the construction of a railway connection from the village. On 18 June 1871, the canton of Basel–Country granted a concession for the construction of a railway from Waldenburg to Liestal and, eventually, further to Langenbruck. Between 1871 and 1879 the concession was altered to give the commission to the Swiss Central Railway and the deadline was extended for financial reasons. In November 1879 an independent company, Waldenburgerbahn, was founded and took over the project.

After four attempts, the decision was made against a standard gauge railway (150cm) and the more cost-effective option of a narrow gauge line (75cm) was adopted. This had the advantage that almost the entire length of the road could be used and therefore there would be no need to purchase expensive land along the route. The railway was completed in only eight months and on 1st November, 1880 the Waldenburgerbahn started running with two steam locomotives, named after the founders 'Bider' and 'Thommen', and four passenger coaches. The 13 km journey between Liestal and Waldenburg took just 60 minutes and this contributed considerably to the mobility of the workforce and the industrialization of the region. Initially trains ran three times a day in both directions and carried significantly more passengers than the horse-drawn post-chaise.

The outbreak of World War I stopped plans for the extension of the line and a 1912 proposal to electrify the line and re-gauge it to 100 cm. Even though electric street lighting was installed in Waldenburg in 1902, the railway was not electrified until 1953 at which time new rolling stock was acquired. Today, the Waldenburgerbahn has 11 stops and the journey takes a mere 24 minutes. Within the Basel tram network the line is numbered 19 but this is not displayed on the carriages. Local residents still use the railway and from spring to autumn tourist trains are operated, hauled by the only operating steam locomotive on the line – the 1902 built engine 'Gédéon Thommen'. There are plans to re-gauge the line to 100cm which make it possible for the line to be connected to Basel tram line 14 that currently ends in Pratteln.

Aircraft Instruments, Avionics; Helicopter Searchlights

REVUE THOMMEN AG has been supplying the global aircraft industry with Swiss Quality aircraft instruments and aircraft equipment for civil and military applications since 1936.

THOMMEN's product line includes classic mechanical cockpit instrumentation, aircraft clocks and chronographs, air data displays, air data computers and recently introduced helicopter searchlights. The entire product line serves both the OEM production of new aircraft as well as the retrofit market for the existing fleet.

THOMMEN operates in compliance with all the aviation industry quality and performance standards as evidenced by their certifications: ISO 9001, AS/EN 9100, EASA Part 21 G (POA), EASA Part 21 O (DOA) and EASA Part 145 (MOA).

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