Premier Watch Repairs Service Specialist

Premier Watch Repair's specialist in the service and repair of high quality watches. Callers are welcome to call by confirmed appointment only, to book an appointment please,

Carriage Terms

Within 48hrs of receiving your watch an estimate will be provided based on an initial visual inspection, on occasion this may sometimes take longer due to obtaining prices and availability of parts supplied by the watch houses. If during the repair or service process, further unforeseen work is required. We reserve the right to re-estimate as required this work and will only be progressed upon your approval.

Service Pack

Royal Mail is our chosen delivery service, the service pack is FREE of charge for return to our workshops for a no obligation estimate. Royal Mail or PWR cannot be held responsible if the client has not securely packaged the watch.

Packaging Guidlines

  • Use padded envelopes for sharp edges or odd shapes.
  • Make sure any outer pacakging is strong enough for their contents.
  • Fragile items shouldn't touch either each other.
  • Please also make sure to include your contact details along with any comments or instructions you may have.
  • Write a return address on the item.
  • Put a contact name, address and telephone number inside.
  • Seal securely with nylon or vinyl tape along all edges and openings.
  • Flatten any sharp edge from staples or metal fastenings, and cover with tape.
  • Use a 'FRAGILE' sticker, if necessary.
  • Do not write or indicate in any way that watch is enclosed within the package. Should you want to use a reference only refer to the company as "PWR".
  • Do not send the original presentation box, as this may be damaged while in transit.

Watches sent to PWR via Royal Mail Special Delivery service pack are insured upto £500 free of charge . For a small premium you can insure upto £2500 at your local post office.This is an extremely secure tracked service end to end.

  • Guaranteed delivery before 1.00pm.
  • Guaranteed Saturday Delivery for a small surcharge.
  • 99%* UK coverage.
  • Online tracking.
  • Electronic Proof of Delivery.
  • Up to £2,500 compensation.

Royal Mail Special Delivery next day guarantee.

Royal Mail guarantee they'll deliver your Special Delivery; Next Day item before 1.00pm the next working day.

This guarantee does not apply if:

  • Royal Mail were unable to deliver the item because there was no-one to sign for your item.
  • The delivery address is in an area of the UK where Royal Mail do not guarantee next day delivery.
  • Royal Mail does not guarantee the delivery time for items to an address for which a person has paid for our redirection services. The item will be forwarded to the new address using Special Delivery but the money back guarantee does not apply.

Where we deliver

Use Special Delivery Next Day and Royal Mail guarantee delivery by 1.00pm of the next working day to 99%* of the country, including Northern Ireland, Jersey and Guernsey. Some places take longer to deliver to, but we still guarantee delivery within three working days by 5.30 pm.

Available six days a week

You can use Special Delivery Next Day from Monday to Friday, except bank holidays or public holidays. If you need your item sent over the weekend, you can also arrange a guaranteed Saturday Delivery available at just £2.70 extra per item payable at your local post office at time of sending.

Insurance compensation

Our liability for items left with us or shipped to us using our Royal Mail Special delivery service is limited to their intrinsic value.

Covered for up to £500

When you using our service pack via Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day you have free m compensation cover up to £500 or the value of the item, whichever is the lower. If the item is more valuable you can buy additional compensation cover up to £2,500 for a small premium payable at your local post office counter at time of sending.

Royal Mail's Claims Process for Loss, Damage Delay

Prior to submitting a claim you should read the loss, damage and delay compensation policies for the product used as this will explain when you may be entitled to compensation and how much compensation may be payable. This information can be obtained from our Royal Mails Website or available at all Post Office® branches or by contacting Royal Mail Customer Services on 08457 740740 (Textphone 08456 000606). Please note that we are only able to deal with claims where the item was posted with and delivered by Royal Mail. If an item has been posted with or handled by another postal operator then it will not be eligible for compensation from Royal Mail unless the postal operator has posted the packet using one of Royal Mail's retail services , in which case that postal operator will be regarded as the sender of the postal packet for compensation purposes. If another postal operator has been used and you are the sender please contact them to pursue any claim. If you are the recipient and the item has not been sent using one of Royal Mail's services you should refer the matter to the sender for them to take up with their chosen postal operator.

Claims for loss, part loss, damage or delay should be submitted on a "Lost damaged or delayed inland mail claim form" known as a P58.

Claim forms are available from all Post Office® branches or can be downloaded and printed off from the Royal mail website. Alternately a customer can have one sent to them by calling Customer Service on 08457 740740 Textphone 08456 000606.

Claims for loss, part loss and damage must be submitted within 12 months of posting.

Claims for delay must be made within 3 months of posting by the sender or 1 month of receipt by the recipient.

The claim form should be completed with as much detail as possible, the minimum information required to submit a claim is:

  • The names and addresses of the sender, addressee and claimant the Royal Mail Product used.
  • The amount of postage paid and method of payment (e.g. stamp, meter impression, SmartStamp®, online postage etc.)
  • Place of posting.
  • Date of posting.
  • The basis for asserting the posting details and product used – such as date of post mark, Certificate of posting and for Special Delivery, Recorded Signed For and Standard Parcels the product documentation.
  • Detailed description of the contents and packaging (for loss and damage).
  • Date the item was delivered (for part loss, damage and delay).

For damage and part loss claims the damaged contents and all the packaging must be retained and presented to Royal Mail upon request.

The claim should also include any available supporting information / evidence relevant to the claim;

  • Evidence of posting with Royal Mail.
  • Evidence of the item's value (for loss, part loss damage claims only).
  • Royal Mail needs to ensure that unwarranted claims are not made and as such it retains the right to request further information from the claimant and to refuse claims that it suspects are unwarranted.
  • The signed and dated completed claim form along with the supporting evidence should be sent to: Freepost Royal Mail®, Customer Services, Plymouth PL9 7YB (no postage required) or handed in at any Post Office® branch.
  • Royal Mail will provide the customer with a unique reference number for their claim.
  • Royal Mail will carry out checks and enquiries to establish 1) that the item was posted with Royal Mail and 2) the cause of the loss, part loss, damage or delay. This may involve requesting additional documentation / information from either the sender or recipient of the item or inspecting the packaging and item in question.
  • Royal Mail will take in to account any findings and the compensation policy for the product used to determine how much, if any payment is due.
  • If both the sender and recipient of the item make a claim for compensation then the right to claim shall lie with the sender unless compensation has already been paid to the recipient.

Owing to our policy of continuous improvement we reserve the right to change polices without prior notice.