Zenith Watch Repairs


Zenith Watch Repairs and Servicing

Premier Watch Repair's specialise in Zenith watch repair and service. We service and repair vintage Zenith watches as well as modern Zenith watches across the range.

The procedure for a Zenith watch repair and service is to disassemble the movement completely. Every component is inspected and ultrasonically cleaned to remove all trace of dry oil and other deposits. After cleaning and drying, your Zenith is reassembled and lubricated with the correct grade oil specified by Zenith before testing and regulation.

Our skilled watchmakers have access to original Zenith parts including, clasps, crown, and sapphire crystals.

Your Zenith watch repair or service is completed on the premises using the latest pressure testing equipment ensuring your Zenith is resealed to Zenith Specification finally we use specialist timing software to time your Zenith in 6 positions .

All service work to your Zenith is supported by our 12 month guarantee.

A selection of some recent models we have worked on:-

Zenith Elite 59.0020.226
Zenith El Premiro Rainbow Flyback -02.0480.405,01-02-480-405
Zenith El Premiro Port Royal
Zenith El Premiro manual wind 01.0010.420.
Zenith El Premiro 15/01-0470-400 , 90/01 -0010.420 ,90/01/0420 400 ,15/01-0470-400
Zenith 02.0690.465


Just a brief note to confirm receipt of my watch. I am very pleased with the work done.
Best regards

Konrad – Zenith El Premiro
August 2013

The watch arrived yesterday and looks great, thanks very much for your work on it, its good to see it working properly for the first time since I bought it.
Best wishes,

Tom Rix – Zenith El Premiro manual wind
August 2013

I have just received my precious Zenith in the post and I'm absolutely delighted with the finish you've achieved overall. It looks like it did on the day I bought it back in 2005. To realise that I've worn it every day since and not been too careful is a testament to the design and materials given how perfect it looks after having been through the hands of your craftsmen. From now on I'll entrust it to you at more appropriate intervals. Perhaps you can advise me on the frequency of service if I continue to wear it every day.

As a matter of interest and just to satisfy my curiosity, can you let me know what level of accuracy the movement achieved on the six position timer after overhaul? You reported that it was reading +6.76 on receipt. Is that per hour, per 24 hours or what? I'm so grateful to you and your team both for your excellent communications and impeccable craftsmanship and service. You've won another loyal customer and I'll make sure I recommend your company at every opportunity.

Peter Whittle
March 2012